Bible Blubble

It’s Bible Blubble!

It's the word game that tests your ability to create words from the KJV Bible. Try a single player game or challenge an opponent online.

So, what’s a Blubble? We define a Blubble as a string of letters that looks and sounds like a real word but isn't found in the KJV Bible. For example: the word "tax" is not found in the KJV. Sure, it’s a valid English word but it doesn't appear in the text of the Bible. But the words ‘taxed’ and ‘taxes’ do appear.

In a single-player game you are faced with various challenges as you attempt to make it through 66 levels (more to come). The game will generate 13 random letters that you’ll use to build Bible Words. This game is completely random which means some challenges won’t be beaten until you are given a good set of letters. There will be words you were sure existed in the Bible but aren’t there. There might also be words you had no idea were in the Bible but actually are.

It’s fun. It’s fast-paced. It’s Bible Blubble.

+Single and Online Play
+Random Opponent Generator

Android App Now Available Apple Users can play in a web browser

*Your account follows you to any device